Everywhere Online matters. Being a traveler, you need to seek out guild lines on hotels, reach destinations, connect someone and, so many more while waiting at Istanbul New Airport.

Istanbul New Airport offered 1 hour of free/paid Wi-Fi service that is provided by Türk Telekom. The service can access via SMS or by inserting a passenger’s passport number.

After 1 hour of free Wi-Fi, users can buy a paid package by choosing the desired option between I) an all-day package or II) only for 2-hour package options.

Istanbul New Airport is the new ultramodern aviation center in Istanbul City and Turkey.

Istanbul New Airport has such amenities as airline lounges, bank ATMs, cafes, hotels, prayer rooms, restaurants, food shops, and Wi-Fi facilities are available for the passengers.

Let’s have an idea of Istanbul New Airport and its Wi-Fi facility

Overview of Istanbul New Airport (IST)

Airport name Istanbul New Airport (IST)
City/State Istanbul
Country Turkey
Wi-Fi  Up to 2 hours FREE Wi-Fi is  available
Wi-Fi Provider  Turk Telecom
Hotspot Name Turktelekomfree
Airport Phone +90 212 444 14 42
Social Media Twitter
Website Istanbul Airport

How to Connect with Istanbul Airport WiFi

There are two simple ways of connecting Istanbul Airport Wi-Fi. One is accessing from a mobile device or, the second is accessing from Kiosks.

Access Wi-Fi via SMS: 

  1. Wi-Fi Access: 1  hourFree Wi-Fi connection
  2. Hotspot Name: Turktelekomfree
  3.  Go to your device setting and find the Wi-Fi icon.
  4. Just tab to the Wi-Fi icon to turn on and select the SSID- Turktelekomfree
  5. Now open any web browser and insert your mobile number (even you have a non-Turkish number) will obtain an OTP code via the SMS. Once you entered the code, you will access the Wi-Fi connection for 1 hour.  Now enjoy the Internet!

Access WiFi by Inserting Passport Number:

Another way to access Istanbul Airport Wi-Fi is by inserting your passport number into Wi-Fi Kiosks.

Once you performed passport verification at the Kiosk, you will get a code. Remember the code to use for a password. 

Accept the agreement and click on the enter button to start Wi-Fi. You can also access the Wi-Fi kiosk location via their official website or install their mobile application on your IOS/Android Device.

If you face any problem while connecting the Wi-Fi, call on this support line: 444 01 45. Enjoy your time with free Wi-Fi for 1 hour.

***Tips: Yon can use either option if the one expires.

For Wi-Fi support line: 444 01 45

For Paid Wi-Fi:

You can also buy a paid Wi-Fi package after finishing 1 hour of free use. Only you have to select your desired choice between two options – an all-day package and a 2-hour package. After that, you can use the Wi-Fi as long as you want. Have Fun!


Is there a Wi-Fi facility at Istanbul New Airport?

Yes, the Wi-Fi is available.

Is Wi-Fi free at Istanbul New Airport?

Of course! Passengers can get access to free Wi-Fi for 1 hour by connecting to SSID- Turktelekomfree via the mobile or insert passport number on Wi-Fi Kiosk.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

Only your mobile device is allowed.

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