Everywhere Online matters. Being a traveler, you need to seek out guild lines on hotels, reaching destinations, connecting someone and, so many more while waiting at Istanbul New Airport. Istanbul New Airport offered 1 hour of free/paid Wi-Fi service that is provided by Türk Telekom. The service can access via SMS or by inserting a passenger’s passport number. After 1 hour of free Wi-Fi, users can buy a paid package by choosing a desire option between I) an all-day package or II) only for 2-hour package options.

Istanbul New Airport is the new ultramodern aviation center in Istanbul City and Turkey. Istanbul New Airport has such amenities as- airline lounges, bank ATMs, cafes, hotels, prayer rooms, restaurants, food shops, and Wi-Fi facilities are available for the passengers. Let’s have an idea of Istanbul New Airport and its Wi-Fi facility

Overview of Istanbul New Airport (IST)

Airport nameIstanbul New Airport (IST)
Wi-Fi Up to 2 hours FREE Wi-Fi is  available
Wi-Fi Provider Turk Telecom
Hotspot NameTurktelekomfree
Airport Phone+90 212 444 14 42
Social MediaTwitter
WebsiteIstanbul Airport

How to Connect with Istanbul Airport WiFi

There are two simple ways of connecting Istanbul Airport Wi-Fi. One is accessing from a mobile device or, the second is accessing from Kiosks.

Access Wi-Fi via SMS: 

  1. Wi-Fi Access: 1  hourFree Wi-Fi connection
  2. Hotspot Name: Turktelekomfree
  3.  Go to your device setting and find the Wi-Fi icon.
  4. Just tab to the Wi-Fi icon to turn on and select the SSID- Turktelekomfree
  5. Now open any web browser and insert your mobile number (even you have a non-Turkish number) will obtain an OTP code via the SMS. Once you entered the code, you will access the Wi-Fi connection for 1 hour.  Now enjoy the Internet!

Access WiFi by Inserting Passport Number:

Another way to access Istanbul Airport Wi-Fi is by inserting your passport number into Wi-Fi Kiosks. Once you performed passport verification at the Kiosk, you will get a code. Remember the code to use for a password.  Accept the agreement and click on the enter button to start Wi-Fi. You can also access the Wi-Fi kiosk location via their official website or install their mobile application on your IOS/Android Device. If you face any problem while connecting the Wi-Fi, call on this support line: 444 01 45. Enjoy your time with free Wi-Fi for 1 hour.

***Tips: Yon can use either option if the one expires.

For Wi-Fi support line: 444 01 45

For Paid Wi-Fi:

You can also buy a paid Wi-Fi package after finishing 1 hour of free use. Only you have to select your desire choice between two options – an all-day package and a 2-hour package. After that, you can use the Wi-Fi as long as you want. Have Fun!


Is there a Wi-Fi facility at Istanbul New Airport?

Yes, the Wi-Fi is available.

Is Wi-Fi free at Istanbul New Airport?

Of course! Passengers can get access to free Wi-Fi for 1 hour by connecting to SSID- Turktelekomfree via the mobile or insert passport number on Wi-Fi Kiosk.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

Only your mobile device is allowed.

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