Copenhagen Airport (CPH) facilitates Free Unlimited WI-FI throughout terminals, lounges, checkpoints, and near the gates by connecting the SSID- CPH Airport Free WiFi or CPH Hotspot.

The WI-FI provider’s name is Mobilise, powered by iPass. The WI-FI connection is so strong that approximately 100,000 passengers and visitors can log into the network at the airport.

All users can have the enjoy the free WI-FI connection as long as they want. But there are some restrictions while using the WI-FI network.

Let’s see and get have an idea of the Copenhagen Airport WI-FI facility.

An Idea of Copenhagen Airport WI-FI Facility

WI-FI Available Free WI-FI
WI-FI Provider Mobilise, powered by iPass
Hotspot names 1.CPH Airport Free WiFi
2.CPH Hotspot

How to Connect With Free WIFI at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup

At Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, connecting with its Free WI-FI  is quite simple and comprehendible Using the following steps- is the easiest way to evade the missteps. Here you go-

  • WI-FI Access: Available Free of charge WI-FI
  • WI-FI Provider: Mobilise
  • Hotspot Names:  1. CPH Airport Free WIFI 2. CPH Hotspot
  • At first, enable your WI-FI network on your mobile or any other smart device. Then, look for the hotspot name CPH Airport Free WIFI or CPH Hotspot and tap one of the SSIDs. To access the network, you need to fill the registration. Open your browser page and type-
  • Now insert your email address and country name where you are from. Then, Accept your ‘Terms and Condition” for further process. After that, you will obtain confirmation that you’re logged in.
  • Once you’re logged in, you’re connected with Free WI-FI.  Enjoy network surfing with the Copenhagen Airport Free WI-FI as long as you are there. If you have any problem while connecting the free WI-FI, you can contact their service to call on  +45 3231 3231.


  • To power up your smart devices like- mobile, laptop or tab, there are many power sockets or charging points around the Copenhagen Airport.
  • Airport WI-FI Authority strictly observes that any user cannot upload, download, transfer, or access unethical sites, materials, or data infringement.
  • For any kind of violation, the airport authority does not take any liabilities. If any trouble arises, then the Airport WI-FI Team takes the necessary steps to control any damage at the Airport.

About Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup

Copenhagen Airport is the biggest airport in the Nordic Countries. It is situated 8 kilometers south of Copenhagen. It has two terminals- T2 & T3.

Every year more than 30 million people travel via this airport. For the passenger’s convenience, Copenhagen Airport serves an unlimited free WI-FI to stay updated.

Here is a quick overview of Copenhagen Airport. Let’s have a peek at that.

A Quick Peek at the Detail of Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup

Airport name Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup
City/State Kastrup, Tårnby, Copenhagen
Country  Denmark
Airport Phone +45 3231 3231
Social Media Twitter 
Website Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup


Can anyone tell is there any WI-FI at Copenhagen Airport (CPH)?

Of Course! The WI-FI connection is available at Copenhagen Airport (CPH).

Is the free WI-FI connection at Copenhagen Airport (CPH)?

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) serves an unlimited FREE WI-FI Network and the network’s speed is super.

What is the SSID name of the Copenhagen Airport WI-FI?

They have two hotspots. One is – CPH Airport Free WIFI or the other one is CPH Hotspot. You’ll be connected to Wifi as soon as you tap on any of the two that will be available. Good Luck!

How long does the free WI-FI can be used at Copenhagen Airport (CPH)?

At Copenhagen Airport (CPH), the Free WI-FI lasts for as long as you are over there.

Can I find the WI-FI in other areas of Copenhagen Airport (CPH)?

The free WI-FI is accessible throughout terminals and gates, at Copenhagen Airport (CPH).

What type of device is allowed to connect with Copenhagen Airport WI-FI?

Smartphones, laptops, tabs, and smart gadgets are accessible to connect with free WI-FI.

For any help or if you do have a problem while connecting the free WI-FI at Copenhagen Airport (CPH)?

If you are facing any trouble while connecting the WI-FI, call on +45 3231 3231 or you can contact Copenhagen Aiport (CPH).   

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