Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is public in Cleveland in Ohio, United States of America.

For the passengers’ convenience, Cleveland Airport gives a paid Unlimited Wi-Fi facility for the passengers. The Wi-Fi facility provides by AT&T on a paid basis.

Passengers can purchase time or data with their credit cards. For 120 minutes (time) charges 3.93 USD.  

The Wi-Fi service spreads to all arrival halls and departures. Let’s have an idea of Cleveland Airport and its Wi-Fi.

Overview of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CEL)

Airport name Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)
City/State Cleveland
Country United States of America
Wi-Fi Paid & Unlimited
Wi-Fi Cost  For 120 minutes (Time-Based), charges 3.95 USD
Wi-Fi provider AT&T
Airport Phone +1 216-265-6000
Social Media Twitter  
Website Cleveland Airport

How to Connect with Cleveland Hopkins Airport WIFI

 You need to follow the following steps to connect with the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Wi-Fi.

Simple Steps to follow:

  • Wi-Fi Access:  Paid Unlimited Wi-Fi connection
  • Hotspot Name: CLE_GUEST or CLE
  • CLE WiFi Cost: 3.95 USD for 120 minutes (Time-Based)
  •  Go to your device setting and find the Wi-Fi option.
  • Just tab to the Wi-Fi option to turn on and select SSID- CLE or CLE_GUEST.
  • Then open a web browser. You will see a registration form. You need to fill-up the registration form so that you can buy the internet for 120 minutes for 3.95 USD.  Once you buy the package by using a credit card, you are ready to use the Wi-Fi service.
  • Now have fun with the Cleveland Airport Wi-Fi!


Does Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has a Wi-Fi amenity?

Yes, the Wi-Fi is available on a paid basis.  

What is the name of the Cleveland Airport Wi-Fi provider?

The Wi-Fi provider’s name is AT&T.

Is Wi-Fi free at Cleveland International Airport?

No! Passengers can buy data or time by using a credit card to connect with 120 minutes of Wi-Fi.

How to connect with the Cleveland Airport Wi-Fi?

You can access Wi-Fi service by connecting to SSID- CLE or CLE_GUEST. 

How many devices are allowed to connect?

Your Mobile, Laptop, tabs, and smart gadgets, etc.

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