Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is public in Cleveland in Ohio, United States of America. For the passengers’ convenience, Cleveland Airport gives a paid Unlimited Wi-Fi facility for the passengers. The Wi-Fi facility provides by AT&T on a paid basis. Passengers can purchase time or data by their credit cards. For 120 minutes (time) charges 3.93 USD.  The Wi-Fi service spreads to all arrival halls and departures. Let’s have an idea of Cleveland Airport and its Wi-Fi.

Overview of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CEL)

Airport nameCleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)
CountryUnited States of America
Wi-FiPaid & Unlimited
Wi-Fi Cost For 120 minutes (Time-Based), charges 3.95 USD
Wi-Fi providerAT&T
Airport Phone+1 216-265-6000
Social MediaTwitter  
WebsiteCleveland Airport

How to Connect with Cleveland Hopkins Airport WIFI

 You need to follow some following steps to connect with the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Wi-Fi.

Simple Steps to follow:

  • Wi-Fi Access:  Paid Unlimited Wi-Fi connection
  • Hotspot Name: CLE_GUEST or CLE
  • CLE WiFi Cost: 3.95 USD for 120 minutes (Time-Based)
  •  Go to your device setting and find the Wi-Fi option.
  • Just tab to the Wi-Fi option to turn on and select SSID- CLE or CLE_GUEST.
  • Then open a web browser. You will see a registration form. You need to fill-up the registration form so that you can buy the internet for 120 minutes for 3.95 USD.  Once you buy the package by using a credit card, you are ready to use the Wi-Fi service.
  • Now have fun with the Cleveland Airport Wi-Fi!


Does Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has a Wi-Fi amenity?

Yes, the Wi-Fi is available on a paid basis.  

What is the name of the Cleveland Airport Wi-Fi provider?

The Wi-Fi provider’s name is AT&T.

Is Wi-Fi free at Cleveland International Airport?

No! Passengers can buy data or time by using a credit card to connect with 120 minutes of Wi-Fi.

How to connect with the Cleveland Airport Wi-Fi?

You can access Wi-Fi service by connecting to SSID- CLE or CLE_GUEST. 

How many devices are allowed to connect?

Your Mobile, Laptop, tabs, and smart gadgets, etc.

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