Many people ask, do planes have wifi? Will I be able to be connected when I would take my next flight? yes, To make you informed about the detailed list of airlines that provide inflight WiFi, I have started this blog.

Travelling is one of the most common pastimes of people. In most cases, the most comfortable way of reaching the destination is by air. In the modern-day of constant updates on social media or work without time constraints, it is more than necessary to stay connected to the internet.

For this reason, airlines worldwide are now gradually shifting towards the introduction of in-flight Wi-Fi to passengers.

Okay, you are getting internet on the airplane. But at what cost? Many airlines are known for providing free Wi-Fi. Some Airlines provide this service with very little charge.

And then there were some which provide quality Wi-Fi but the cost is a bit higher. In many cases, you get the option to purchase your desired Wi-Fi package after you are onboard.

With providers like Gogo, you have the option to buy long-term subscriptions like monthly subscriptions for yearly subscriptions.

In the case of this type of subscription, you are able to use them on any of the airlines or aircraft where the Wi-Fi is provided by that particular provider.

Name Of Airlines Cost Wi-fi Provider
Aer Lingus Business Class Passengers: Free
Aer Social: $7.95 for 50mb
Aer Surf: $15.95 for 120mb
Aer Max: $32.95 for 270mb
Panasonic AvionicsAeromobileDeutsche Telekom
Aeromexico Paid, Onboard GogoGogo 2ku
Air Canada Gogo Unlimited
Gogo All Day Pass
$14 1-hour Pass
$5 The Traveler Pass
Air Asia $2 for 3mb
$4.50 for 10mb
Aeroflot N/A Sitaonair
Alaska Airlines Gogo Unlimited
Gogo All Day Pass
$14 1-hour Pass
$5 The Traveler Pass
Air China Free N/A
Air Tran Gogo Unlimited
Gogo All Day Pass
$14 1-hour Pass
$5 The Traveler Pass
Air France $6 for 20mb
$12 for 50mb
$36 for 200 Mb
Gogo Panasonic Avionics
Air Europa 30mb for $6
60mb for $13
100mb for $17 Etc.
Wi-fi Ontheair
American Airlines International: 2 Hours for $12
4 Hour Pass for $17
All Flight Pass for $19
Domestic: All Day Pass for $14
The Traveler Pass $49.95/Month
Alitalia Paid Panasonic Avionics
All Nippon Airways 10mb for $2
Flexi: 50mb for $6
Flexiplus: 90mb for $12
Business: 200mb for $2
Ana 5mb for $6
10mb for $12
20mb for $24
British Airways $14 for 1 Hour
$24 for 4 Hours
$32 for The Whole Flight.
China Eastern Airlines Paid, Onboard Asiasat-6 Satellite
Cebu Pacific Air 25mb for $5 Usd
50mb for $10 Usd
Delta Airlines Delta Monthly Pass $49.95.
Delta Annual Pass $599
Gogo Unlimited $49.95/Month
Gogo All Day Pass $14
1-hour Pass $5
The Traveler Pass $39.95/Month
Emirates 20mb Free 150 Mb for $9.99
500 Mb for $15.99
Free for Business Class
Etihad 30 Mb for $4.95
90 Mb for $11.95
180 Mb for $19.95
Free for First Class
Egypt Air Paid, Onboard Onair
Eva Air $11.95 for 1 Hour
$16.95 for 3 Hours
$21.95 for 24 Hours.
Deutsche Telekom
Eurowings Paid, Onboard Aeromobile
Finnair $6 for 1 Hour
$18 for Whole Flight
Nordic Sky
Garuda Indonesia Free 15 Minutes And for First Class
Executive Class & Economy Class: $11.95 for 1 Hour
$16.95 for 3 Hours
$21.95 for 24-hours
$5 for 20mb Texting
Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes $3 for 1 Hour
$5 for 1+ Hour
Gulf Air Unlimited Mb $15 for Hour
Unlimited Mb $30 for 24 Hours
Panasonic Avionics
Hong Kong Airlines Free Onair
Iceland Air Paid, Onboard Row44
Japan Airlines 1 Hour for $10.15
3 Hours for $14.10
24 Hours for $18.80
Jetblue Free Fly-fi
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) Paid, Onboard Panasonic Avionics
Lufthansa 1 Hour for $10.50
4 Hours for $16
24 Hours for $20
Libyan Airlines Paid, Onboard Onair
Malindo Air $1.25 for 25 Mb
1 Hour for $9.95
Whole Flight for $15.95.
Panasonic Avionics
Mango Airlines $4 for 3 Hours
$20 for 300 Minutes/Month
Nok Air Free Thaicom Plc
Norwegian Free Row44
Oman Air Smartphone $5-$15
Qatar Airways Paid, Onboard Onair
Ryanair Paid, Onboard N/A
Scandinavian Airlines Sas Available, Free And Paid Panasonic Avionics
Saudi Arabian Airlines Paid, Onboard Onair
Singapore Airlines Paid, Onboard SitaonairPanasonic Avionics
Tap Portugal 4 Mb for $4.99
14 Mb for $14.
99 50 Mb for $45
Thai Airways 10 Mb for $4.99
20 Mb for $8.99
30mb for $12.99
100 Mb for $34.99
Panasonic AvionicsSitaonair
Turkish Airlines $9.99 for 1 Hour
$14.99 for 24 Hours
Free for Business Class
United Airlines Gogo Unlimited $49.95/Month
Gogo All Day Pass $14
1-hour Pass $5
The Traveler Pass $39.95/Month  
Us Airways Gogo Unlimited $49.95/Month
Gogo All Day Pass $14
1-hour Pass $5
The Traveler Pass $39.95/Month
Vietnam Airlines Paid, Onboard Gogo
Virgin America Gogo Unlimited $49.95/Month
Gogo All Day Pass $14
1-hour Pass $5
The Traveler Pass $39.95/Month
Vueling Paid, Onboard Eutelsat
Westjet 30-minute for $4.99 To $5.74
3-hours for $8.99 To $10.34
Flight for $13.99 To $16
Westjet Connect
Spirit Airlines Paid, Onboard Thales Group
Southwest Airlines Free for A-list,
Paid for Rest
Global Eagle
Virgin Atlantic Wi-fi Light for $6.50 Wi-fi Max for $19.50 Messaging for $4 Panasonic Avionics Sitaonair
Air Mauritius Entire Flight $6.95, 1 hr $9.95, 3 hr $14.95 & Entire Flight $19.95 N/A
Air Austral 10mb 5 EUR, 50mb 19 EUR & 200mb 39 EUR. N/A
Air Tanzania Text Messaging $4.99, Internet Browsing $12.99 &
Other Streaming $15.99.
Panasonic Avionics
Malaysia Airlines Paid OnAir and Telkom Indonesia

Knowing about the internet plans from before will give you an upper hand in choosing the desired package. This will also help you save your money.

You know more about the packages and prices of in-flight Wi-Fi provided by the airlines, be sure to check their official websites.

Just being aware of the packages and the prices might not be enough, it’s always a good idea to look at the terms and conditions and make sure that your devices are aligned with the requirements of such facilities. Happy traveling! 

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