Helsinki Airport facilitates Unlimted Free WI-FI throughout the terminals and near the gates by connecting SSID- Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi.

The WI-FI network connection is 100 Mb/s speedy. The WI-FI provider’s name is Finavia Airport. All kinds of devices can be connected with the WI-FI connection.

Passengers and visitors can access the Helsinki Airport WI-FI as long as they wish.

Now let’s have a look at the Helsinki Airport WI-FI detail.

Let’s Have an Idea on Helsinki Airport WI-FI Facility

WI-FI Available Unlimited Free WI-FI
WI-FI Provider Finavia Airport
Hotspot Name Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi

How to Connect With Free WI-FI at Helsinki Airport (HEL)?

Connecting with the free WI-FI network at Helsinki Airport is simple and easy.  Follow the steps to get the connection.

  • WI-FI Access: Available Free of charge WI-FI
  • WI-FI Provider: Finavia Airport
  • Hotspot Name: Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi
  • For connecting the free WI-FI, tap to enable your WLAN network on your smart device. You see the SSID- Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi. Click the network to access the connection. No requirement for any registration or recognition. Now open your browser page to accept the terms and conditions. Once you are done, you are connected with the speedy free WI-FI.
  • You can connect the unlimited free WI-FI from the terminals and within the airport area.
  • Now enjoy the network surfing to stay updated at Airport as long as you want.
  • If you have any trouble regarding the WI-FI connection, you can contact their team or call on +358 200 14636.

About Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport is the busiest and biggest International Airport in Finland. The airport is situated at Vantaa.

It is also a popular air hub in Europe. It has two terminals- T1 and T2. Every year over 21.8 million people travel via the airport.

For the passengers’ benefits, they provide free unlimited WI-FI at the Airport. Let’s go for the little detail of Helsinki Airport.

A Litte Detail of Helsinki Airport (HEL)

Airport name Helsinki Airport
City/State Vantaa
Country  Finland
Airport Phone +358 200 14636
Social Media Twitter 
Website Helsinki Airport (HEL)


Can anyone tell is there any WI-FI at Helsinki Airport (HEL)?

Yes! The WI-FI connection is available at Helsinki Airport (HEL).

Is the free WI-FI network at Helsinki Airport (HEL)?

Helsinki Airport (HEL) serves an unlimited FREE WI-FI Network and the network’s speedy.

What is the SSID name of the Helsinki Airport WI-FI?

The hotspot’s name is Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi.

How long does the free WI-FI can be used at Helsinki Airport (HEL)?

At Helsinki Airport, the Free WI-FI lasts for as long as you stayed over there.  

Can I find the WI-FI in other areas of Helsinki Airport?

The unlimited free WI-FI is accessible throughout terminals and gates, at Helsinki Airport (HEL).

What type of device is allowed to connect with Helsinki Airport WI-FI?

Smartphones, laptops, and smart gadgets are accessible to connect with Helsinki Airport free WI-FI.

For any help or if you do have a problem while connecting the free WI-FI at Helsinki Airport (HEL)?

If any trouble occurs while connecting the WI-FI, call on +358 200 14636 or you can contact Helsinki Airport Team.   

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Helsinki Airport Map

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