Zurich Airport offers 4 hours of free Wi-Fi access to passengers and travelers. The Wi-Fi access by connecting to the SSID- ZurichAirport network.

The 4 hours of free Wi-Fi count without any disturbance as of the first login. Then the Wi-Fi will refresh naturally after 5 hours. The Free Wi-Fi is supported by Monzoon. There is also available Wi-Fi on a paid basis that is listed below.

Zurich Airport (ZRH) is renowned as Kloten Airport is the biggest international airport in Switzerland.

It locates in the district of Kloten, 12 km from the city center of Zurich. There are three terminals- A, B, and E. Every year almost 30 million people travel via the airport.

For passenger’s comfort, Zurich Airport provides free/paid Wi-Fi. Let’s have an idea of Zurich Airport and its Wi-Fi amenity.

An Idea of Zurich Airport & Its Wi-Fi Facility

Airport name Zurich Airport (German: Flughafen Zürich)
City/State Zurich
Country Switzerland
Wi-Fi Paid/ Free Wi-Fi for 4 hours
Wi-Fi Provider Zurich Airport (ZRH)
Wi-Fi Supporter Monzoon
Airport Phone +41 43 816 22 11
Social Media Twitter
Website Zurich Airport

How to Connect ZRH Free WiFi

Connecting Free Wi-Fi at Zurich Airport is simple. All you need to follow the below-listed steps.

Wi-Fi Access from Mobile:

  • Wi-Fi Access:   4 hours of Free Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi supporter: Monzoon
  • Hotspot Name: Zurich Airport
  • Go to the settings option of your device.
  • Open the Wi-Fi icon and tap Wi-Fi to on
  • Find the network SSID-Zurich Airport
  • Tap ‘Register by SMS’. Insert your mobile number. Tap on ‘Send a code to my mobile phone.
  • After connecting, you will obtain a code via SMS. Now insert the code into your device or tap on the link in the SMS to register. And now tap on the ‘Go to the Internet’ option. 
  • Now enjoy your browsing with 4 hours of Free Wi-Fi at Zurich Airport. (Once your 4 hours of free Wi-Fi limit is finished, you’ve to wait 5 hours for another 4hours of the free period.)

Wi-Fi Access by Boarding Pass

Passengers can access Wi-Fi by scanning boarding passes. First, go to your Wi-Fi option on your device and tap on the SSID- Zurich Airport.

Then tap Register by boarding pass. You will receive a code at a boarding pass scanner or at an information desk. Please insert the code and tap on Accept GTCs and log in.

After that, again you need to tap on the Go to the Internet so that you can access the free Wi-Fi for 4 hours.

***Tip:  The Wi-Fikiosks are accessible both landside and airside. The first 60 minutes are free.

Paid Wi-Fi at Zurich Airport

Passengers can also access the paid Wi-Fi at Zurich Airport. If anyone wants to enjoy more Wi-Fi, then she/he can buy from the below-listed packages.

Charges of Premium Access

Duration Costs
1 hour 6.90 CHF
4 hours 9.90 CHF
24 hours 14.90 CHF


Is there a Wi-Fi facility at Zurich Airport?

Yes, the Wi-Fi is available.

Is Wi-Fi free at Zurich Airport?

YES! Travelers can get access to free Wi-Fi for 4 hours by connecting to SSID- Zurich Airport.

Is also Zurich Airport Wi-Fi limited?

YES! There is a limitation on the Wi-Fi. You can also use the above mentioned premium access Wi-Fi.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

Mobile, Laptop, tabs, and smart gadgets etc., are allowed

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