Virgin Australia Airlines facilitate a free and paid service in-flight WI-FI by connecting the SSID- VirginAustraliaWI-FI network.

The In-flight WI-FI provider’s name is Gogo, and by using 2Ku band satellite. Virgin Australia Airlines’ in-flight WI-FI facility is available on both domestic and international flights.

Passengers or travelers can easily access in-flight WI-FI from smartphones, laptops, and smart gadgets while they are 30,000 feet high.

Passengers can also use extended in-Flight WI-FI by purchasing a Network package that starts at $6.99 per hour.

With the free in-flight WI-FI, passengers can do web browsing, send an email, and Social Media surf with a high-speed connection. The high-speed in-Flight free WI-FI is best for streaming video or working with the loaded file while they are on board. 

For traveling convenience, Virgin Australia Airlines serves both paid and free in-Flight WI-FI facilities to stay connected. Let’s have an idea on Virgin Australia Airlines (VA) in-Flight WI-FI facility.

Have an Idea of Virgin Australia Airlines (VA) in-Flight WI-FI Facility

WI-FI Available  
In-Flight WI-FI Paid & Free WI-FI Available for in-flight service
WI-FI Provider Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)
Hotspot name  VirginAustralia

How DO I Connect With Virgin Australia Airlines In-Flight WI-FI

Connecting with the free in-flight WI-FI at Virgin Australia Airlines is trouble-free. Virgin Australia proceeds simple steps to access the free in-flight WI-FI. Here they are-

  • WI-FI Access: available Free in-flight WI-FI
  • WI-FI Provider:  Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)
  • Hotspot Name:  VirginAustralia
  • To connect with the free Virgin Australia in-Flight WI-FI, first, you have to switch to turn on flight mode on your device and retap to turn on the WI-FI button. Then you have to connect with the SSID- VirginAustralia WI-FI network. Now you visit and prefer a package plan. After that, insert your email and payment details or your seat number and surname. Once you fill up all the details, you are ready to use the in-Flight WI-FI service while you are on a Virgin Australia’s (VA) flight.
  • Now enjoy the free and fast in-Flight WI-FI as long as you are on Virgin Australia Airlines (VA) flight!

In-Flight WI-FI can be used through Virgin Australia App

Another way of connecting with Virgin Australia Airlines in-Flight WI-FI facility is by downloading the Virgin Australia App.

Through the App, passengers can access the free in-flight WI-FI, and at the same time, they can purchase extended WI-FI connections according to their journey period.  

But before you are about to board the plane, you have to download the App from the Airport or at your home, which has WI-FI accessibility or a mobile data connection. 

Once you download the App, you can easily connect with both paid & free in-Flight WI-FI service at Virgin Australia Airlines. Here are some steps to connect to the WI-FI through the Virgin Australia App.

  • First download Virgin Australia App, then activate the flight mode and re-activate the WI-FI button. Now find and select the SSID- VirginAustralia Network. Now you can open the App and watch online news or stream videos or browse any website with the fastest and free in-flight WI-FI service.
  • Enjoy your plane journey with a free and fast in-flight WI-FI network at Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)

Virgin Australia Airlines (VA) Paid In-Flight WI-FI

For the passengers’ convenience, Virgin Australia (VA) serves also paid in-Flight WI-FI facility for all domestic and trans-Tasman flights.

For domestic flights, Virgin Australia (VA) facilitates free and unlimited in-Flight WI-FI connection to surf the web and social media with suitable speeds. 

In-Flight Free WI-FI is also available for flights to and from New Zealand (NZ) for 15 minutes. Passengers or travelers can use an extended in-Flight WI-FI facility by purchasing an internet package. 

Here are some steps on how to buy the internet package while you are on the flight.
  • WI-FI Access: available paid in-flight WI-FI
  • WI-FI Provider:  Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)
  • Hotspot Name:  VirginAustralia
  • Activate your plane mode on your device and re-active your WI-FI option. Then connect to the SSID- VirginAustralia WI-FI network. After that, go to this URL- to visit and make sure you have to bookmark the landing page so that you can straightly maneuver back if you wish.
  • Now you can choose an internet package according to your plan. Then insert your email and fulfill the payment details, which require your seat number and surname. Within a couple of minutes, you will be connected to the aircraft’s SSID, and successively you can enjoy the sky-high satellite service of Virgin Australia (VA).
  • Payment can be done through Virgin Australia App. Now, look at the table chart that shows Internet packages of in-Flight WI-FI service which offered by Virgin Australia.
Category   Packages Duration
Standard   Users can web browse, Social Media access, instant messing, and watch videos.   Complimentary   For 1 hour
 Domestic for High-speed   The package serves a fast connection, and through the speedy WI-FI, users can stream YouTube Videos and surf unlimited. A$11. 99 For the flight time
Trans-Tasman/  short-haul International   Serves fast unlimited WI-FI connection $6.99   $12.99 Per Hour   For the flight time
Long-haul International   For instance – Los Angeles (LA), Tokyo   Serves fast and unlimited WI-FI Network     $8.99     $19.99 Per Hour   For the flight time

Tips for the in-Flight WI-FI Users

Here are useful tips and tricks that help users to know about the in-Flight WI-FI service at Virgin Australia (VA). Here they are-

  • Before going onboard the flight, you can find the in-Flight WI-FI info card in the seat pocket, where you can find all the details and guidelines of connecting to the network. 
  • In domestic connection, generally 1Mbps speed is speed enough for simple browsing, sending emails, and Social Media. Plus, the packages can lift to 13Mbps, which is best for streaming or making videos, or downloading piles of files fast-moving. 
  • While using in-Flight WI-FI, there is no scope for making video calls or video chats. These are blocked by the WI-FI tech operator.
  • The connection speeds can relinquish while shifting between satellites or arriving at the edge of the coverage area, especially the flights overseas.
  • Hopefully, these tips would guide you step by step!
  • Enjoy your flight with Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)!

About Virgin Australia Airlines

Virgin Australia is known as Virgin Australia Airlines Pty. Ltd. It is mainly an Australia-based and the biggest airline by Virgin Band.

Almost 33 cities in Australia are getting benefitted from the airlines. Virgin Australia Airlines’ headquarter locates in Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland.

The airlines have connected with three main Australian air hubs- Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, and Sydney Airport. 

Every year around 20 million people fly through Virgin Australia Airlines. For a large number of passengers’ travel benefits, Virgin Australia Airlines provides both free & paid in-Flight WI-FI to make the flight journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Come and have a quick tour of Virgin Australia Airlines (VA), which shows in the below chart.

Have a Quick Tour of Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)

Airlines Name Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)
Headquarter South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland
Country Australia
Airport Phone +61 136789
Social Media Twitter
Website Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)

To conclude with saying this, Virgin Australia (VA) frequently offers unlimited free in-Flight WI-FI service to all passengers.

The In-Flight WI-FI connection is speed enough to browse, send & check emails or stay online on Social Media. 

Moreover, the connection speed always depends on the location and number of users who are accessing Virgin Australia (VA) in-Flight WI-FI.


Can anyone tell me is there a WI-FI network available at Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)?

Yes! For the travelers’ benefit, Virgin Australia Airlines serves in-Flight WI-FI connection to enjoy the journey.

Could you tell me if the in-flight WI-FI free at Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)?

Absolutely yes! Virgin Australia (VA) offers both free and paid in-Flight WI-FI facility for the passengers.

What is in-flight WI-FI’s provider’s name at Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)?

The in-flight WI-FI provider’s name is Virgin Australia (VA), and it operates by the tech Gogo.

What is the hotspot’s name of the in-Flight WI-FI network at Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)?

The hotspot’s name of the in-Flight WI-FI network is VirginAustralia.  In your seat pocket, you can find info card of in-flight WI-FI detail and how can connect the WI-FI.

How long can I connect with Virgin Australia (VA) in-Flight WI-FI network?

Passengers or users can connect with the in-Flight WI-FI facility by purchasing the desired package. Depends on the journey time, users can buy an internet package from this website or this one- In another way, users can download the Virgin Australia App, and then from the App, they can buy an internet package according to their need and choice.

What are the internet packages available at Virgin Australia (VA) in-Flight WI-FI service?

Virgin Australia (VA) Airlines proceeds some internet packages to make the journey pleasant. Such as- the Complimentary Package, Domestic Package, and International Package. The users can purchase their internet packages through Virgin Australia App.

What kinds of devices are accessible with in-flight WI-FI service at Virgin Australia Airlines (VA)?

All kinds of smartphones, laptops, and smart gadgets are accessible with the in-flight WI-FI connection as long as you are onboard.

What is the customer service phone number of Virgin Australia WI-FI?  

You can contact their customer care on this- 13 67 89 (Australia).

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