Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the second busiest airport in Canada. It is a major International Airport that operates flights to more than a hundred destinations.

It is the first airport in North America to provide free Wi-Fi to passengers.

For your convenience, give the brief table of the information and social media contact details of Vancouver International Airport (YVR),

Airport name Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
Opened 1931
Airport code YVR
City Vancouver, British Columbia
Country British Columbia, Canada
Operator Vancouver International Airport Authority
Location Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Address 3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond B.C., Canada
Zip Code 604
Time Zone UTC -7 (UTC -8 during Standard Time)
Hub Air Canada Air Canada Express Pacific Coastal Airlines WestJet
Focus City Air North WestJet Encore
Wi-Fi Available- Free
SSID “@yvrairport”
Number of Runways 3
Number of Helipads 3
Elevation 13 ft / 4 m
Phone +1 604-207-7077
Social Media Twitter 
Website YVR

Vancouver International Airport Wi-Fi

You will be able to use free Wi-Fi at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). There are 70 antennas making sure that the Wi-Fi service is up and running.

You can use the Wi-Fi for as long as you want, there is no data limit. You can surf the internet and use all the internet-based services.

Wi-Fi is available in the terminals as well as the gates.  Once you are inside the airport, you can use any of your devices to connect to the network. You will not need to enter any information in order to get connected to the internet.

How to connect Vancouver Airport Wifi?

Connecting to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) Wi-Fi is very easy. Please follow the following steps in order to use Vancouver International Airport (YVR) free Wi-Fi,

  • Make sure your device is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Go to the Settings option of your device
  • Find Wi-Fi under Wireless & Networks
  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Look for SSID “@yvrairport”
  • Select and tap “@yvrairport” to connect
  • Enjoy browsing!


Is there Wi-Fi at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)?

Yes, you can avail Wi-Fi service at any point of the airport.

Is Vancouver International Airport (YVR) Wi-Fi free?

Yes, Vancouver International Airport Wi-Fi is completely free of charge.

Is Vancouver International Airport (YVR) free Wi-Fi limited?

No, there is no data limit in case of using the service.

How long can I use the network?

You can use it for as long as you want, there is no time limit.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

There is no limit, you can connect any and all of the Wi-Fi enabled devices you need to be connected on.

What is the network SSID?

The SSID is “@yvrairport”

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