RYANAIR has not offered any in-Flight WI-FI network yet. But RYANAIR facilitates a possible way of sending email through using a network connection that is the RYANAIR App.

Through the App, passengers can access the WI-FI or internet connection. Passengers can access the in-Flight WI-FI connection when the flight is 30,000 feet up.

Travelers can access the WI-FI connection through their smartphones, smart gadgets, and laptops.

Besides, there is another way of accessing the WI-FI, that is, in your flight seat pocket, you can find an info card where all WI-FI connection details are available.

For the passengers’ convenience, RYANAIR serves their network connection through their RYANAIR App or provides an info card that lies in your flight seat pocket to send at least emails.

Let’s have an idea of the RYANAIR WI-FI facility.

Let’s have an idea on RYANAIR WI-FI Facility

Airline Name RYANAIR (FR)
WI-FI Network Connection No paid or free WI-FI is available. But passengers can use the network connection by downloading the App or getting the info card.
App Name RYANAIR App
App Provider RYANAIR  (FR)

How Do I can connect with the RYANAIR WI-FI CONNECTION?

RYANAIR has no facility for paid or free WI-FI connections travelers can easily access the network connection. Here are the steps-

  • Available: WI-FI available only for business class (maybe)
  • WI-FI Connection: Not available any paid or free WI-FI in RYANAIR Flights
  • WI-FI Connection Access: Network connection can be accessed by the RYANAIR App.
  • While you are onboard the RYANAIR flight, you can find an info card in your seat pocket where all the airport details and service information are available. Be careful while reading the info card on airport services, airport issues, and WI-FI network connection.
  • If you face any trouble while getting a network connection, you can call on this number- 0330 1007 838, which is the RYANAIR Customer Service phone number.

WI-FI Connection through the RYANAIR App

There is another way of accessing the network connection of RYANAIR. The processes are easy. Here they are-

  • First, before boarding the RYANAIR flight, please download the ‘RYANAIR App’. After downloading the App, you can easily know about all the details of airport updates, flight checking, boarding changes including rental car service, banking service, etc. All kinds of payments can be through the RYANAIR App.
  • If you face any trouble while downloading or using the RYANAIR App, you can call on their RYANAIR customer service center at 0330 1007 838.


RYANAIR is Europe’s immense low-charges organization, which started in 1985 as a routine passenger airline. RYANAIR currently operates its business in over 27 countries. Annually more than 66 million passengers take this airline.

RYANAIR, Europe’s Leading Low Fares Airline, is an Irish airline with its main headquarters in Ireland. It is Europe’s biggest low-charge airline.

RYANAIR has 44 bases, nearly 250 aircraft, and more than 8000 employees. However, for the traveling benefit, RYANAIR has no facility of WI-FI connection in their flights, but they have access to RYANAIR App for sending emails.

A WI-FI connection is available on business class flights of RYANAIR. Now, let’s have a quick at RYANAIR.

Have a Quick Look at RYANAIR

Airline Name RYANAIR
Location Swords, Dublin, Dublin Airport
Country Ireland
Airline  Phone 0902 33 600
Social Media Twitter 


Is there any WI-FI facility available at RYANAIR (FR)?

No! RYANAIR has no facility of paid or free WI-FI on any flight.

Then how can I get the internet or WI-FI at RYANAIR (FR)?

You can get a network connection by downloading the RYANAIR App. Or you can find an info card in the seat pocket where all information is available with airport guidelines. Only you can email through the connection.

How much does RYANAIR Network Connection cost?

There is no paid system for RYANAIR WI-FI Connection.

Do RYANAIR flights have a WI-FI connection?

No! All RYANAIR (FR) planes or flights do not have the benefit of WI-FI connection.

If I face any problem while connecting the WI-FI network, where and whom to contact?

If you face any trouble while downloading the RYANAIR App, or connecting the WI-FI network, then you can call on their RYANAIR customer service center at 0330 1007 838.

What types of devices are allowed to be accessed with the RYANAIR WI-FI connection?

Your smartphones, smart gadgets, and laptops are allowed to be connected to the RYANAIR App to get to use the WI-FI connection.

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