Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport gives 24 hours of Free Wi-Fi to all passengers to stay connected with Social Media, send an email or watch updated news, etc. The Wi-Fi network is provided by Boingo.  

All passengers can access the Wi-Fi by tapping on the Free PHX Boingo WiFi. The premium is also available for a charge.

The service provides in all terminals, including airport shops, restaurant zones, and near the gates. The network is also accessible in the lobby of the Rental Car Center.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the best airline and is located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. It is also known as the Phoenix Airport.

It has four terminals-T1, T2, T3, and T4. Every year almost 45 million passengers travel via the airport. For passengers’ convenience, Phoenix Airport provides unlimited Free Wi-Fi for 24 hours.

Let’s have an idea of Phoenix Airport and its Wi-Fi facility.

Phoenix Airport Overview

Airport name Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 
City/State The city of Phoenix, Arizona
Country United States of America
Wi-Fi Paid/Uninterrupted Free Wi-Fi for 12 hours
Wi-Fi provider Boingo
Airport Phone 602-273-3300
Social Media Twitter
Website Sky Harbor

How to connect and use the Airport WiFi

It’s very easy to connect with Phoenix Airport Wi-Fi. To access the Airport Wi-Fi facility, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Wi-Fi Access:   24 hours of Free Wi-Fi by watching a few-second ad.
  • Wi-Fi Provider: Boingo
  • Hotspot Name: Free PHX Boingo WiFi
  • Make sure your device is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Go to the settings option of your device.
  • Open the Wi-Fi icon and tap Wi-Fi to on
  • Find the network SSID-Free PHX Boingo WiFi.
  • After connecting the network, on your device, a Boingo page will appear with a list of premium choices. When you choose your best option, you will see an ad for a few seconds. After that, you’re ready to use the free Wi-Fi for 24 hours.
  • Enjoy Internet Browsing!
  • For any help, call Boingo customer care at 1-800-880-4117.

Paid Wi-Fi service

Boingo also offers a premium package for passengers. By purchasing paid Wi-Fi, you can browse the internet with a speeding connection. All you need to do-

  • Connect the Wi-Fi by tapping on SSID Free PHX Boingo WiFi.
  • Go to the browser page, and there you can see a complimentary page where the premium accesses are obtainable.
  • Now you can choose your best option.
  • Enjoy the Browing!

Boingo Call center number: 1-800-880-4117.


Is there a Wi-Fi facility at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?

Yes, the Wi-Fi facility is available.

Is Wi-Fi free at Phoenix International Airport?

No. The Wi-Fi provides by Boingo. The Free Uninterrupted basic Wi-Fi is available for 24 hours for all the passengers.

Is Wi-Fi available in the other areas of Phoenix Airport?

Yes! The Wi-Fi service is available throughout the terminals, including the lobby of the rental car area.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

Your Mobile, Laptop, tabs, and smart gadgets, etc.

What is the of PHX premium Wi-Fi?

With Phoenex Airport premium Wifi, you will get very high speed. You will be able to download high definition videos and upload heavy files.

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