Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is a high-quality airport in the United State of America. The airport has exquisite food and top-notch service for the passengers.

You can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).

In the table below we give you important information and social media links you need to know about Philadelphia International Airport (PHL),

Airport name Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
Opened June 1945
Airport code PHL
WMO 72408
Faa Lid PHL
City Philadelphia, PA
Country United States of America
Operator Philadelphia Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation
Location Philadelphia / Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania, United States
Address 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, , PA 19153
Airport type Public
Zip Code 19153
Hub for American Airlines UPS Airlines
Focus city for Frontier Airlines
Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time
Daily flights 500
Wi-Fi Available- free
Wi-Fi SSID PHL free Wi-Fi
Internet Service   provider (ISP) AT&T
Phone +1 215-937-6937
Social media Facebook 
Website PHL

Philadelphia Airport WiFi

Philadelphia International Airport has high-speed Wi-Fi service in all the terminals. The service is provided by AT&T.

The Wi-Fi service is completely free. The service is free of any limitations. You can use the service for as long as you want, there are no data limits.

You can also connect any and all of your Wi-Fi-compatible devices as you wish. So no worries if you have to stay at Philadelphia International Airport longer than you planned because you can still be up to date.

How to connect PHL Airport WiFi?

You can use PHL Airport free WiFi by following easily the steps,

  • Make sure your device is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Go to the Settings option of your device
  • Find Wi-Fi under Wireless & Networks
  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Look for SSID of Philadelphia International Airport  “PHL free Wi-Fi”
  •  Select and tap the SSID “PHL free Wi-Fi” to connect
  • Enjoy browsing.


Is there Wi-Fi at Philadelphia International Airport?

Yes, you can get PHL WiFi service at the airport.

Is Philadelphia Airport WiFi free?

Yes, the Wi-Fi service of Philadelphia International Airport is absolutely free of charge.

Is Philadelphia International Airport free Wi-Fi limited?

No, there are no limits. You can use the service as long as you want.

Will there be a streaming facility?

Yes, you can use the streaming services using the network.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

There is no limit, you can connect as many devices as you need.

What to do if I have any problems?

If you’re having any problems connecting to the Wi-Fi please try calling +1215-937-6937.

What is their SSID?

The SSID is “PHL free Wi-Fi”.

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