Manchester Airport facilitates up to 4 hours of free WI-FI throughout the terminals, lounges, and Railway Visitor Park to stay connected online.

Passengers or Travelers only need to connect SSID ‘_FreeWifi’ at the Airport. All kinds of devices or smart gadgets are accessible to connect with Manchester Airport WI-FI.

Passengers can also use the premium WI-FI access as long as they are in the airport. Let’s look at Manchester Airport WI-FI details.

Manchester Airport WI-FI Detail

WI-FI Available for up to 4 of free WI-FI
WI-FI Provider Manchester Airport
Hotspot name ‘_FreeWifi.’

How to connect with Free Manchester Airport WI-FI

For the passengers’ convenience, Manchester Airport provides simple steps to stay connected online at the airport.  Here are the steps:

  • WI-FI Access: available for up to 4 hours of Free Wi-FI
  • WI-FI Provider: Manchester Airport
  • Hotspot Name:  ‘_FreeWifi’
  • First, go to your device network settings.
  • Then click on the WI-FI icon to enable
  • Now Find and tap SSID ‘_FreeWifi’ to connect with Airport WI-FI.
  • Enjoy up to 4 hours of Free WI-FI at Manchester Airport.

For premium Access

Passengers or visitors can use premium Manchester Airport WI-FI. The airport offers a pay-as-you-go WI-FI service with the option to set up an account for the passengers who mostly travel through the airport.

They can also use the paid WI-FI from all three terminals. Here is the list of premium access.

Packages Duration
£5.00 Each Hour
£10.00 Each day
£30.00 Each Month
  • To use premium WI-FI service, you have to find and select SSID- ‘Spectrum’ or ‘MAG Airports WiFi’. Once you click on that, you have to register. After the register, you can purchase your choice and connect with the premium Manchester Airport WI-FI.

About Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the third busiest International Airport in the world. Manchester Airport locates in Ringway, Manchester, England.

It has three terminals- T1, T2 & T3.  Every year up to 60 million people travel throughout the airport. For the passengers’ benefit, Manchester Airport provides up to 4 hours of Free and Paid WI-FI facility.

Now, look at the Manchester Airport information.

An Overview of Manchester Airport

Airport name Manchester Airport
City/State Ringway, Manchester
Country England
Airport Phone +44 808 169 7030
Social Media Twitter
Website Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport Map


Can anyone tell is there any WI-FI at Manchester Airport?

Positive! WI-FI is available at Manchester Airport.

Is the WI-FI free or paid?

Manchester Airport provides both free and paid WI-FI service.

How long does the free WI-FI can be used at Manchester Airport?

At Manchester Airport, the Free WI-FI lasts for up to 4 hours.

Can anyone tell the name of the SSID of the WI-FI network at Manchester Airport?

The SSID name of Free Manchester Airport WI-FI is ‘_FreeWifi.’

Can I find the WI-FI in other areas of Manchester Airport?

The free WI-FI is accessible throughout all three terminals, lounges, and Railway Visitor Park.

What type of device is allowed to connect with Manchester Airport WI-FI?

Smartphone, laptop, and smart-gadgets are allowed to connect with the free WI-FI for up to 4 hours.

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