If you have the habit of hopping on a plane for traveling every once in a while, nobody will know the importance of good quality in-flight Wi-Fi more than you.

Whether it is for sending that super important email to your client or updating your status for any social media with fantastic photos of yours, Wi-Fi access in your plane journey can be a lifesaver.

But providing internet service thousands of feet away from the ground can be a mammoth’s task.

Lucky for you, some Wi-Fi providers work day and night in order to get the best possible service while you’re up there. 

How does inflight Wi-Fi work?

There are several types of methods used for supplying such service. The first is Air To Ground or ATG. In the ATG method, antennas are installed on the belly of airplanes. These antennas pick up the signal sent from the ground.

The signals of cell towers are then used in order to use internet service. Then comes the Ku-Band technology. It is a satellite-based technology, so the signal doesn’t have to rely on cell towers.

An antenna is attached to the plane facing the satellite and that’s how the users get to use internet service. The next innovation in this sort of technology brought the world Ka-Band.

This is an upgraded version of KU-Band. But it’s much faster and more reliable. Different Airlines use different systems according to their budget and convenience.

Major Wi-Fi providers around the world

As the airline business started to expand, the proliferation of Wi-Fi provider companies is noteworthy.

The United States of America has quite a few prominent Wi-Fi provider organizations like Gogo LLC, ViaSat Inc., Panasonic Avionics, etc. 

These three are the most known in-flight internet service providers in the current time. The United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and a few other countries have quite good service providers too.

Here is a country based list of leading in-flight Wi-Fi providers,

Wi-Fi Provider Company Country
Astronics AeroSat Corporation, SmartSky Networks LLC, ThinKom Solutions, Inc. ViaSat Inc.
Astronics AeroSat Corporation Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. Gogo LLC Honeywell International, Inc. EMS Aviation Hughes Network Systems, LLC Kymeta Corporation Panasonic Avionics
United States of America
Thales Group Zodiac Aerospace France
AeroMobile Communications Limited Inmarsat plc United Kingdom
TriaGnoSys Germany
Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. Israel
SES S.A. Luxembourg
SITAOnAir Switzerland


Gogo is an American in-flight Wi-Fi provider. This is probably the most used and known Wi-Fi provider of the world at this point.

The company was founded in 1991. Gogo has facilitated the availability of in-flight Wi-Fi service in more than 10,000 aircraft. Famous airlines like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, British Airways, etc use Gogo in-flight service.

Here is a list of the airlines that use this provider to ensure the passengers get high-quality service,

This provider has different packages that are applied to different airlines. The cheapest package can be bought for only $7 which will give you access to an hour of unlimited internet.

If you fly very often, you can buy monthly or annual plans. The cheapest monthly plan is available for $49.95 per month only.

You can find specific details while flying with your airline for India’s official website of Gogo.


ViaSat is a California-based Wi-Fi provider. This provider has the latest technologies available and they keep updating and upgrading their service frequently.

In many cases, you might not see it as a sole provider. Here are a few major airlines that rely on ViaSat,

Panasonic Avionics

Panasonic Avionics has been working with the trust of many since it was founded in 1979.

It has been very successful in capturing market share in recent years. A few reputed airlines like the following use Panasonic Avionics as their trusted Wi-Fi provider,

AeroMobile Communications Limited

Aeromobile is a subsidiary of Panasonic Avionics Corporation. Even though it is not known very widely, it has been providing top-notch service since it was founded in 2005,

Inmarsat plc.

Inmarsat is a British satellite-based company that provides data facilities onboard. This company was established in 1979.

It is known for using geostationary satellites to supply such services. The airlines that use this Wi-Wi-Fiovider is,


SITAOnAir is a Swedish company. Its service is more active in Asian aviation companies. The reputed airlines which use this service provider are,

  • Aeroflot
  • Singapore Airlines
  • THAI Airways

Many airlines don’t rely on only one Wi-Wi-Fiovider to ensure premium service. Hence, you might find multiple service providers associated with multiple airlines.

No matter who is providing the internet, you can always be relieved about staying connected while flying in the modern era.

Different Wi-Wi-Fioviders charge differently based on the service quality and time limit they provide. You should always check the availability and package prices beforehand.

This will allow you to plan accordingly and you won’t miss the opportunity if there is free Wi-Wi-Firvice available.

No matter what your destination is, never miss out on any opportunity or responsibility, thanks to the ever-evolving group of in-flight Wi-Wi-Firvice providers.

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