Iberia is a Spanish airline company that provides inflight wifi. The OnAir service is available across all long flights and A330-300, A330-200, A340-600, or A350 aircraft.

The inflight wifi is free for business class only. But they don’t offer free wifi to other class passengers.

The access to the internet facility lets the passengers have messaging, texting, and other essential tasks. Additional information related to Iberia-

Airlines Name: Iberia



Callsign: IBERIA

Iberia WiFi Cost

The price is not fixed. It will vary upon the destination. The company provides paid internet service to passengers except for the business class. 

How to Connect Iberia WiFi?

  1. Wait until the flight reaches a height of 10,000 feet.
  2. Turn on airplane mode and wifi.
  3. Tap on “Iberia-wifi”
  4. Open any browser, and the Iberia page will open
  5. Choose your internet plan.


Who Is Iberia Wifi Provider?

OnAir is the inflight wifi provider of Iberia.

Do All Iberia Flights Have Wifi?

Yes. The inflight wifi is available across all long flights and A330-300, A330-200, A340-600, or A350 aircraft.

Is Iberia wifi Free?

No. It’s only free for business class.

How to use the promo code of free wifi?

First, select the internet plan and enter the given code. If the plan exceeds your promo, you’ve to provide your payment through credit cards.

Can I use the remaining MB of the promo card on other flights?

No, you can’t.

How’s the payment made?

It is done through a credit card. Open the browser, select your plan, and enter your credit card information.

How does the inflight wifi Internet connection work?

The inflight wifi works with the help of satellites. The satellite services help in the data transfer. And the internet packages are based on data limits and time.

Which devices can you use to access the internet?

You can use all devices that have wifi facilities.

When can you enjoy the inflight wifi network?

After the aircraft reaches a height of 10,000 feet, you can use it.

What is the wifi network name?

The network name is “Iberia Wifi.

Is the wifi network allotted to all classes?

Yes, passengers of all classes can access the internet.

Will the connection be available all the time?

Due to the satellite problem, geographical location, and altitude, the internet connection may not be available all the time.

Is Iberia wifi good enough?

It is only suitable for light tasks, like texting and chatting. It is recommended not to use laptops. Enjoy light tasks with your tablet or mobile.

How to minimize data usage?

It is recommended to use tablets or mobile phones during web surfing as laptops take more data.

Can you use the aircraft screen to check data usage?

No, you can check your data usage through your device.

Can you use a VPN?

Yes, you can.

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