The thrill of traveling is unmatched. Getting to experience a new country, culture, and the people as a part of leisure or just visiting someplace for a business meeting, no matter what your purpose is, the fastest and most common means of traveling is taking a flight.

Regardless of where you are going, you cannot avoid being at the airport.

Waiting at the airport is perhaps not the most amusing part of travel. To be a bit more comfortable, having an internet connection to keep you engaged is essential.

Now, some airports will provide you with unlimited free Wi-Fi. Some airports provide free Wi-Fi for some time and then you have to pay for the Wi-Fi.

But what if you get to use the Wi-Fi for free the whole time you are there? For years people have been trying to bypass the system and some have successfully found out several ways to use unlimited free Wi-Fi in almost any airport.

We have gathered a few tricks and tips that can save you from spending a lot of money on a mobile data connection or paid Wi-Fi services.

Just go through the list we are presenting to you and see which spell does the magic for you!

Check if the airport already has free Wi-Fi

If the airport already has free Wi-Fi, why go through the hassle of wasting time on tricks.

Before going to the airport you can check if the Airport has unlimited free Wi-Fi. You can find the information on the official website of the airport or any third-party website.

Use the already existing map to find Wi-Fi passwords

If you don’t know already, there is a Google Map link that will show you the free Wi-Fi password of hundreds of airports in the world.

The map is updated regularly. You can also contribute by adding the password yourself on the map. You can find the Google map at,

Check out FourSquare

Foursquare is a must check the website before you travel. You can find reviews of airports there. What’s it to you?

Some of the generous passengers provide Wi-Fi passwords of different lounges and terminals. Just check the comments of the airport you’re in, find the Wi-Fi key, and start browsing!

Check the mall/restaurants/coffee shops of the airport

The restaurants or coffee shops in the airport might be expensive in terms of food, but usually, they provide good quality Wi-Fi service for the consumers.

You can simply go there and use the free Wi-Fi they provide. In some cases you might be required to buy something, you can just buy something of a small price and use the Wi-Fi without paying a lump sum of money to the airport.

Treat and Wi-Fi, what better way to spend the time right?

Let’s play with the Boingo paywall!

We don’t know if Boingo has already disappointed you by making you think they are going to give you free Wi-Fi, but we bear only good news.

Boingo lets the users access a few shopping and news websites for free. You have to go to the homepage of Boingo and then look for the section called The Good Stuff.

It’s basically a compilation of the partners of the service provider. Keep the tab open and try using the website you want to go to in another tab.

Most of the time the server is tricked into thinking you are still using one of the partner websites. If this works for you, you can use unlimited free Wi-Fi provided by Boingo without paying 25+ dollars a month.

What if you were a developer?

Even if you get access to the Boingo Wi-Fi, you might find the address bar blocked.

You just have to alter a few settings of your browser, and you should be good to go. Now, the process is different for different browsers. In Chrome you will need to click “View,” then “Developer” and finally “JavaScript Console.”

If you’re successful, type window. location.href=” you’ll have access to this!

How many devices could one possibly have?

In the case of the airports that provide limited-time free Wi-Fi, they detect which devices have used the Wi-Fi service already by the MAC address of that particular device.

So, all you need to do is to make them think that you are using a different device! How so?

You’ll find plenty of software or applications for your laptop or mobile device that would make it seem that it is a different device by assigning a different MAC address.

A very popular app for doing this is Technitium MAC Address Changer.

Time traveling, here we come!

If the Mac address trick didn’t work in your case, just turn back the time. No, you won’t need some sort of Godly power to do this, you just have to set the time of your device to the initial time.

This is an effective way of fooling the provider into thinking you haven’t used the certain limit you were supposed to use. 

Delete the cookies!

This is similar to the Mac address changing trick. If you delete the cookies of your chosen browser, the previous data stored will not be available.

Hence, you should have an extension of the restricted time limit.

It’s just “?.JPG”

It is an ancient trick used by the wise ones of old times. But what’s wrong with trying?

This makes the provider think you are trying to load an image instead of a website. So, if you want to visit a site, add ?.jpg at the end of the address of the website.

If there are no security patches targeting this, you should be able to serve the internet for as long as you want without paying a dime.

Being able to use free Wi-Fi in the airport might be a bit confusing.

There is always another new way to outsmart the system. Just keep your eyes open and find the most convenient way you can take for having a fantastic time while staying connected!

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