The first inflight wifi rolled out in 2000, and since then, it has become a significant part of the airline sector.

And like others, Hong Kong Airlines also provide inflight wifi for its passengers. And as a result, passengers can now net surf while being thousands of meters above the ground.

Other common information related to Hong Kong Airlines is-

So in this article, we’ll be covering the inflight wifi of  Hong Kong Airlines. Does it come free? Is it worth it? To know the answers, read the article to the last.

So let’s start…

For your information, all the Hong Kong airlines have free wifi. From Hong Kong Airlines Boeing to Hing Kong airlines Airbus, they have onboard Wifi services for their passengers!

When you’re on board, you can use free wifi while traveling on Hong Kong Airlines. But the free wifi has a limit.

The free wifi limit is 15 minutes. You can get this service, and for this, you’ve to watch an ad.

Hong Kong Airlines WiFi Cost

If you want to enjoy the internet with your mobile phone, laptop, or tab, you’ve to choose from four plans-

Data Plan Pricing Time Limit Data Limit Net speed
Free Wifi  Free 15 minutes Unlimited 60-70Kbps
Chat Pass $2.95 Unlimited 20 MB 60-70kbps
1-hour pass $4.95 1 hour Unlimited 60-70kbps
Flight Pass $11.95 Unlimited Unlimited 60-70kbps

If you want to do your routine works using the inflight wifi, we’d suggest, DON’T! The speed of the wifi is terrible. It is almost unstable, as well as unusable.

You can use it for texting but not for any official works. The average speed remains about 60kbps.


How to connect the HX WiFi?

Don’t just connect the wifi after having your seat! After reaching a certain height, to connect the wifi, connect to the hotspot of Hong Kong Airlines.

Which Hong Kong Flights have inflight wifi?

All Hong Kong Flights provide inflight wifi to the passengers.

How to know if your flight has wifi or not?

While booking the tickets, all the information is given. If a flight has wifi, then a filled wifi mark is there on the ticket. And you can also check the official website and know if your flight has wifi facility or not!

What are the Internet packages that HX offers?

The airline has four types of internet packages from free to paid ones! As all the Hong Kong Airlines has wifi, you can buy a package and enjoy the entire flight for around $11.95. Besides this, they have another three types of data planning

Is the Wifi speed good enough?

Usually, the speed remains about 60-64 kbps. So its only good for texting and chatting. But other than it, it’s not worth it. OnAir is the wifi provider of Hing Kong Airlines.

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