Gulf Air (GF) facilitates paid in-flight WI-FI to all passengers by connecting the SSID- Gulf AirWifi.  The in-flight WI-FI provider’s name is Panasonic Avionics. The network connection speed is nearly 56 Kibibits per second. 

Passengers can find the in-flight WI-FI details in their seat pockets while they are on board.

By following the provided info card, travelers can easily access the paid-in-Flight WI-FI. Passengers can connect with in-flight WI-FI from smartphones, laptops, and smart gadgets.

For passengers’ convenience, Gulf Air serves high-speed WI-FI connection to all users to stay connected online. Let’s have a quick look at the Gulf Air in-Flight WI-FI facility.

Have a Quick Look at Gulf Air (GF) inflight WIFI

WI-FI Available 
In-Flight WI-FI Paid in-Flight WI-FI Available
WI-FI Provider Panasonic Avionics
Hotspot name  Gulf AirWfi

How DO I connect with the paid Gulf Air in-Flight WI-FI?

Gulf Air (GF) proceeds with simple steps to connect to the in-Flight WI-FI. Here they are-

  • WI-FI Access: available paid in-flight WI-FI
  • WI-FI Provider:  Panasonic Avionics
  • Hotspot Name:  Gulf AirWifi
  • Both Domestic and International travelers can use the in-Flight WI-FI at Gulf Air (GF).
  • At the very beginning, kindly check your seat pocket, and in front of the seat pocket, you can find the airline magazine. In the magazine, you can find the details and instructions for connecting Gulf Air WI-FI. In the info card, you can get the password and Gulf Air App.
  • Or you can download the Gulf Air App to access the in-Flight WI-FI. Through the App, you can easily purchase the WI-FI packages according to your choice. In another way, you can buy the in-flight WI-FI package through a credit card.

Benefits of using Gulf Air in-Flight WI-FI

Gulf Air provides high-speed unlimited in-Flight WI-FI connection for both domestic and international flights passengers.

To make the journey enjoyable, passengers get benefitted using the WI-FI while they are on board.  Here are they-

  • Once you are connected, you use the high-speed internet to stay online, watch HD videos or streaming movies, or browse Social Networks. Through this high-speed in-flight WI-FI, you can easily access business conferences (WEBEX) and access to corporate VPN. You can upload or download any file speedily with FTP. Also, you can use VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) while you are onboard.  You can instantly access your credit card with the safe and secured WI-FI system. Moreover, with the high-speed network, you can access authentic portals.
  • Now enjoy the in-flight WI-FI while you are onboard on Gulf Air.

Information on Paid Network packages

For the passengers’ convenience, here are paid in-Flight WI-FI packages of Gulf Air.

From the assigned packages,  you can choose your desired one, pay it, and be ready to use the high-speed network while you are onboard. Let’s have a look at the below-given chart.

Gulf Air WI-FI Packages Cost Duration Process
Unlimited MB with high-speed network $15/ BHD 6 Per Hour Payment can be done by Credit Card  
Unlimited MB with high-speed network $30/ BHD 11 24 hours Payment can be done by Credit Card  

Users Can Get Refund While they are Using Gulf Air in-flight WI-FI.

Gulf Air also offers a WI-FI refund policy if they want. Passengers can ask for a refund they are using any packages. Here are some steps to get a WI-FI refund.  They are-

  • First, go to the airline website and go to the ‘Contact US’ option. From there, you can request a WI-FI refund.
  • Then, you must insert the Gulf Air Flight number and your ticket number so that you can a refund.  
  • If you face any trouble while using or connecting to the WI-FI or want to get help while browsing the airline website for a refund, you can contact-+973 17373737 (Bahrain).
  • Have a good journey with Gulf Airline and Gulf Air high-speed WI-FI network!

About Gulf Air (GF)

Gulf Air (GF) is a government-owned airline and the national symbol conveyor of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Gulf Air is the national airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it plays a signifying role to establish links between the Gulf, Indian Subcontinent, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Gulf Air’s headquarter is Muhrraq.

Bahrain International Airport (BAH) is the main airline.

It is one of the best airlines that accommodate internationally acknowledged by its standard security and ordinance. Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi together own multi-national airlines. 

Gulf Air manages programmed flights to fifty-five destinations in twenty-eight countries over Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Annually 3.2 million passengers travel through Gulf Air (GF).

For the passengers’ travel benefit, Gulf Air serves paid in-flight WI-FI for passengers to stay updated even they are 30,000 feet up. Let’s have an idea of Gulf Air (GF).


Let’s have an idea of Gulf Air (GF)

Airlines Name Gulf Air (GF)
Headquarter Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain
Country Kingdom of Bahrain
Airport Phone 888-359-4853
Social Media Twitter
Website Gulf Air (GF)


Can you tell me is there any in-Flight WI-FI facility at Gulf Air (GF)?

Yes! There is in-Flight WI-FI available at Gulf Air (GF).

Is the WI-FI network is available while I board on the Gulf Air (GF) flight?

Sorry to mention that there is no option of free WI-FI.

Does the WI-FI base on a paid system at Gulf Air (GF)?

Gulf Air (GF) serves only paid in-Flight WI-FI facility to all passengers.

How can I connect the WI-FI while I board the Gulf (GF) Air flight?

While you are onboard at Gulf Air (GF) flight, you can find a magazine in your seat pocket where all the details, password, hotspot’s name, and the steps of connecting the WI-FI can be found.

Can you tell the hotspot’s name of the in-flight WI-FI at Gulf Air (GF)?

The hotspot’s name is Gulf AirWfi.

For how long can I use the WI-FI connection while on Gulf Air (GF) Flight?

According to your desired paid WI-FI package, you can use the network within the scheduled time.

Is there any WI-FI refund policy at Gulf Air (GF)?

Yes! There is a possible way if you want to get a WI-FI refund. All you need to do, go to their Website and then visit the Contact Us page so that you can call or email for a refund.

What types of devices are allowed to access the Gulf Air in-Flight WI-FI?

Smartphones, laptops, and smart gadgets are accessible with the Gulf Air in-Flight WIFi.
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