Finnair Airlines is one of the important airlines in Finland. It is mostly known for its European flights. Finnair Airlines has recently launched Finnair inflight WiFi services on its European flights.

In the table below we have given you all the significant details including the contact information of Finnair Airlines.

Airlines Name Finnair Oyj
Founded 1 November 1923
Frequent-flyer program Finnair Plus
Headquarter Helsinki Airport Vantaa, Finland
Main Hub Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Alliance Oneworld
Callsign FINNAIR
Country Finland
Destination 110+
Wi-Fi Available, Both Paid and Free
Wi-Fi Provider Viasat
Fleet Size 70+
Average Fleet Age 11.1 Years
Address Finnair Plc, Tietotie 11 A (Helsinki Vantaa Airport), 01053 FINNAIR
Phone Number +1 800 950 5000
Social Media Facebook  
Website Finnair

Finnair WiFi

You can use both free and complimentary Wi-Fi at Finnair Airlines. The Finnair WiFi is provided by Viasat.

You can use any and all of your Wi-Fi-compatible devices to use the network. In most cases, it is paid. A certain group of flyers will get to use free Wi-Fi.

If you are flying business class or you’re a Finnair Plus Gold and Platinum member, you can get free Wi-Fi. However, there is a time limit.

Those except Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo members can use the free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes only.  After that, they will need to buy a package.

The Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo members get to enjoy free Wi-Fi on their entire flight.  There are two paid packages available. The stream packet is a bit more expensive than the browse connection package.

Finnair WiFi Cost

Package Name Price
Browse Connection 6.95 Euro
Stream Connection: 12.95 Euro

How to connect Finnair Wifi?

To connect you have to make sure you have a Wi-Fi-enabled device. You’ll also need to make sure the aircraft you’re on has Wi-Fi. You can get the information from the official website or you can look for the Wi-Fi sign within the aircraft.

  • Make sure your device is on flight mode
  • Open settings
  • Turn on Wi-Fi in Wi-Fi and network settings
  • View available wireless networks and select the Nordic Sky SSID
  • Connect to Nordic Sky SSID
  • Launch your internet browser
  • You should be redirected to Nordic Sky Free Portal
  • Purchase a suitable plan for you
  • Enjoy browsing!


Does Finnair Airlines have Wi-Fi?

Yes, they provide good quality in-flight Wi-Fi.

Do all the aircrafts have Wi-Fi?

Currently, not all the aircrafts are equipped with Wi-Fi facilities.

Is the Wi-Fi service free?

No, the Wi-Fi is paid. You can get access to a limited number of services using Nordic Sky Wi-Fi, but for using internet based service, you’ll need to buy a package.

Can I purchase the subscription after being on board?

Yes, you can buy the desired subscription after boarding on the plane.

Is there an option to get a daily subscription?

Yes, the available service is daily subscription based.

How many devices can I connect?

You can use one device at a time. However, the rule varies depending on the package and coverage.

Is the service limited?

That depends on the package you buy.

If I need help with the connection, what should I do?

You can use the Nordic Sky portal to contact customer care or you can call +358 9 818 0800

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