People want to have everything on the run as they are getting busier day by day. They want to have all the networking facilities even while traveling on planes.

To serve the purpose, airline companies are giving internet support through satellites so that they can have technical support and work while flying over the ocean.

And other information related to EgyptAir you need to know-

  • IATA Code: MS
  • ICAO Code: MSR
  • Callsign: EgyptAir

Like others, EgyptAir also provides inflight wifi to its passengers. But to have the service, you have to spend a little. And in this article, we’re going to talk about everything about the inflight EgyptAir wifi. So read the full article!

Yes, EgyptAir has wifi facilities for its passengers. EgyptAir provides inflight wifi on board their flights.

But the matter of fact is, free inflight wifi is not available in MS. They do have a wifi facility, but it’s not free!

If you want to have the inflight wifi facility, you’ve to pay a certain amount of money. They offer a couple of internet plans.

The official website of EgyptAir provides the necessary information to know if your flight has wifi or not. You can also check it while booking your ticket.

Egypt Air WiFi Cost

If you want to have an internet facility for texting or doing necessary works, EgyptAir will give you access to their internet option. As they don’t offer a free wifi facility, you have you buy them!

Type Pricing Time Limit Data Limit Net speed
Type-1 $2 Unlimited Upto 5mb 50-60Kbps
Type-2 $23 Unlimited Upto 100 mb 50-60kbps

If you wish to enjoy the internet with your mobile phone, laptop, or tab, first, you’ve to wait until the flight reaches a height of 10,000 feet.

The average speed remains about 56kbps. So if you want to do some texting and chatting, you can easily do that.

But if you’re planning to do heavy tasks like uploading videos or sending big-sized files, then we’d recommend you do that before you step on the plane.

The speed is suitable for performing basic tasks. The wifi is sometimes unusable due to its low speed. As the speed fluctuates, you can easily get irritated.


How to connect the MS WiFi?

To connect your wifi, wait until the flight reaches a height of 10,000 feet. And then, turn on the wifi option, and select  the SSID “EGYPTAIR.”

Who Is Egypt Air Wifi Provider?

OnAir provides wifi service to EgyptAir

Does All EgyptAir Have Wifi?

Yes. All the flights have wifi facilities.

Is EgyptAir wifi Free?

No. You have two paid internet packages to choose from!

How Much Cost of Egypt Air Inflight WiFi?

The minimum one is $2 for 5mb, and the maximum one is $23 for 100mb.

Is Egypt Air wifi good enough?

The average speed remains between 50-60 kbps. So it is only suitable for light tasks like texting and chatting. NOT SUITABLE for heavy tasks.

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