Avianca Airlines (AV) is one of the three oldest airlines in the world. It is a Colombian airline. This airline flies to more than a hundred destinations.

To make sure that the passengers are connected while onboard, the airline has different paid WiFi packages for them.

Here is a quick look at the basic details of Avianca airlines (AV),

Airlines Name Avianca S.A.
Founded 5 December 1919
Headquarter Bogota, Colombia
Hub Bogota El Dorado International Airport
Alliance Star Alliance
Callsign AVIANCA
Country Colombia
Destinations 110+
Internet Service Provider (ISP) GX Aviation
WiFi Available – Paid
Fleet Size 80+
Average Fleet Age 6.9 Years
Address Av Calle 26 No 59-15 Piso 6, Bogotá, Colombia
Phone Number (+57) 018000-953-434 (Toll Free)
Social Media Facebook
Website Avianca

Details About Avianca Airlines WiFi

Avianca Airlines (AV) provides high-speed WiFi Internet access to the ones flying with them. You can use the WiFi on any of your WiFi-enabled devices on select aircraft.

There are three plans available. The first plan is called, “Network and mail plan”. This man can be used for social media, exchange of emails, and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc.

This plan only stays for 2 hours. The other two plans will help you stay connected for an unlimited time. The “Navigation plan” includes all of the services of the previous plan along with a web browsing facility.

And lastly, the “All-inclusive plan” will have these facilities bundled with access to audiovisual platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix.

You will get to know no about the prices once you are on board and connected to “Avianca”.

Plan Name Activities Duration
Network and mail plan -Social Media
-Instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc.
2 Hours
Navigation plan -Social Media
-Instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc.
-Internet Browsing
All-inclusive plan -Social Media
-Instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage etc.
-Internet Browsing
-Streaming Platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, etc.

How to connect Avianca Wifi?

To connect to Avianca free WiFi you have to follow these instructions,

  • Make sure you have a WiFi-enabled device
  • Put your device on flight mode
  • Go to the Settings option of your device
  • Find Wi-Fi under Wireless & Networks
  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Look for SSID “Avianca”
  • Select and tap “Avianca” to connect
  • You’ll be redirected to the Onboard Wi-Fi home page
  • If not, launch an internet browser and visit “”
  • Purchase your preferred package
  • Use as you prefer after being connected!
  • Browse as you wish!


Does Avianca Have WiFi?

Yes, Avianca provides inflight WiFi to the passengers.

Is Avianca Airlines (AV) WiFi free?

No, the internet service is paid.

Is Avianca Airlines (AV) WiFi limited?

Depending on the package you choose, you’ll have specific limitations.

What’s the name of the network?

The network SSID is “Avianca”

What to do if I am not being able to connect?

If you face any problems, you can call (01 800) 518-9244 or +44 20 7728 1880. You can also email at

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