China Southern Airlines (CZ) facilitates free WI-FI throughout all terminals by connecting the SSID-CSAIR network. The Airlines Company also serves paid WI-FI for in-flight service.

Based on the passengers’ choice, they can choose any package to use the WI-FI while they are on the plane. Users can check their in-flight service and need to read the in-flight WI-FI Guidelines.

Travelers or visitors can easily access the WI-FI. All types of devices are allowed to connect with the WI-FI network.

For the travelers’ convenience, China Southern Airlines offers free WI-FI to stay connected online or send an email. Let’s have a quick detail on China Southern Airlines WI-FI. 

Have a look at the detail of China Southern Airlines WI-FI

WI-FI Available Free  WI-FI
In-Flight WI-FI Paid WI-FI Available for in-flight service
WI-FI Provider China Southern Airlines (CZ)
Hotspot name  CSAIR

How to connect with Free China Southern Airlines WI-FI

China Southern Airlines proceeds simple steps to connect with the free WI-FI network. Here they are-

  • WI-FI Access: available Free  WI-FI
  • WI-FI Provider:  China Southern Airlines (CZ)
  • Hotspot Name:  CSAIR
  • First, go to your device’s Wireless & Network settings. Then switch to turn on the WI-FI button. After that, click on the SSID – CSAIR to connect WI-FI. After that, you have to launch a web browser so that you can insert an URL or to log in directly. Now you can insert the personal verification information to connect with the free WI-FI service.
  • Now enjoy the internet browsing with the China Southern Airlines WI-FI as long as you are there.

How to connect with Paid In-flight WI-FI facility of the China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines also facilitates paid in-flight WI-FI service to make the flight comfortable and enjoyable with the speedy network.

Well, if anyone wants to use the in-Flight WI-FI facility, the person can buy the selected package pre-flight. Or the passengers can access the in-flight WI-FI service.

Here are some steps if any passenger wants to use paid In-Flight WI-FI Service.

  • To access this WI-FI service, passengers need to open Wireless & Network and click on SSID- CSAIR.
  • Now open a Web Browser and insert the URL- Then click on ‘Connect to Internet’ and insert personal information for verification.
  • After that, you have to click on the ‘Mileage Redemption Passengers’ option so that you can buy a WI-FI package. Now kindly look at the table of paid in-Flight WI-FI service that requires mileage while you are on the flight. 
Paid In-Flight WI-FI Packages Mileage Needed
User’s Exclusive WI-FI Internet Package   3000km
User’s  Internet Access Package for Designated use 500km
Exclusive Monthly Package (for both Domestic and International flights)   30,000km
Exclusive Monthly Package (for Domestic Flights) 8800km
  • Passengers of First and Business Class can only click on the First Class/Business Class passengers’ on the web page and then log in with the seat number or ID number (only provide four last digits) use for purchasing the selected package.
  • Only First Class and Business Class passengers can directly connect with in-flight WI-FI service without taking any hassle. Or you see In-Flight WI-FI Operation guidelines.
  • Economy and Premium Economy Business Class passengers can connect with the in-flight WI-FI service through the China Southern Airlines APP. Passengers need to download the mini APP. In the APP, the users need to insert an email or phone number to access the APP.
  • While the passengers are on the plane, they connect the WI-FI service by connecting SSID- CSAIR. Or they can visit Then users need to click on ‘inflight WiFi on board’ to connect to the paid in-flight WI-FI service.
  • If you have wish to know more rules of the China Southern Airlines’ in-flight WI-FI service, you can check their paid in-flight WI-FI service so that you can choose your desired WI-FI package and carefully read the in-flight WI-FI Guidelines.

Technology Tips

 China Southern Airlines’ in-flight WI-FI service will be accessible when the flight altitude is over 10,000 feet and when it is below this altitude, the WI-FI service will be impaired automatically.

About China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is an airline in China Southern which has alliances with Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport.

The headquarter of the Airlines Company locates in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. The Airlines Company has four terminals- T1, T2, and T3, T4. 

Annually up to 15 million people travel through China Southern Airlines. For the traveling benefit, the Airlines Company serves a free WI-FI network to stay connected online. Let’s have a quick look at China Southern Airlines.

Have a look at a tiny detail of China Southern Airlines Company

Airport name China Southern Airlines
City/State China Southern
Country China  
Airport Phone 95539-2-1
Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram
Website China Southern Airlines (in English) China Southern Airlines (in Chinese)


Is there WI-FI service available at China Southern Airlines (CZ)?

Yes! The WI-FI facility is available at the China Southern Airlines (CZ).

Is the WI-FI free at China Southern Airlines (CZ)?

China Southern Airlines (CZ)serves free WI-FI to all passengers and visitors.

Can anyone tell the name hotspot name of the China Southern Airlines WI-FI?

The hotspot name is CSAIR of the China Southern AirlinesWI-FI.

Is there any paid WI-FI system at China Southern Airlines (CZ)?

No paid system at the China Southern Airlines (CZ), but the paid in-flight WI-FI service is available. Please check their in-flight WI-FI service and kindly read the in-flight WI-FI Guidelines.

Who provides the free WI-FI at China Southern Airlines (CZ)?

The free WI-FI provider is China Southern Airlines (CZ).

Can anyone tell is there any other place where free WI-FI available at China Southern Airlines (CZ)?  

Yes! The free WI-FI is accessible throughout the terminals of China Southern Airlines (CZ).

What type of devices are allowed to connect with the China Southern Airlines WI-FI?

Smartphones, smart gadgets, and laptops are allowed to connect with the free China Southern Airlines WI-FI.

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