Are you at Singapore Changi Airport? Want to send an urgent email or connect with Social Media or watch updated news?

Then do not worry! Changi Airport facilitates 3 hours of free Wireless Network with SSID #WiFi@Changi throughout all terminals and complementary areas. 

Singapore Changi Airport, mainly renowned as Changi Airport is one of the largest transportation airlines in Asia. It is located in Changi, the east region of Singapore.

Changi Airport has five terminals, food shops, business retail centers, and other complementary areas. Every year more than 80 million people travel via this airport.

For the passengers’ benefit, Changi Airport provides free WI-FI for 3 hours. Now, let’s go through the Singapore Changi Airport and its WI-FI facility.

An overview of Singapore Changi Airport and Its WI-FI Service

Airport name Singapore Changi Airport
City/State Changi, East Region
Country Singapore
WI-FI Free WI-FI available for 3 hours
WI-FI Provider Changi Airport
Hotspot Name #WiFi@Changi
Airport Phone +65 6595 6868
Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram
Website Boise International Airport

How to connect to Singapore Changi Airport WI-FI

For the travelers’ convenience, Changi Airport provides simples steps to connect with free WI-FI. Below process is asked to follow.

  • WI-FI Access:  3 hours Free WI-FI
  • WI-FI Provider: Changi Airport
  • Hotspot Name:  #WiFi@Changi
  •  At first, make sure your device is WI-FI enabled. 
  • Now open the WI-FI option and tap WI-FI to switch on.
  • Choose the SSID #WiFi@Changi to connect.
  • Then go to Internet Browser like- Mozilla, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer so that you can access the login page through an authentic website. After that, you have to click on the ‘WiFi logo’ of the Changi Airport WI-FI. 
  • And now enjoy the free wireless network for 3 hours at the airport.

Singapore Changi Airport Map


Is WI-FI service at Singapore Changi Airport?

Of course, at Changi Airport, the WI-FI is available. 

Is the WI-FI free at Singapore Changi Airport?

Definitely, at Changi Airport, the WI-FI is free for 3 hours.

Is WI-FI available in terminals of Singapore Changi Airport?

Of course! The WI-FI service is accessible via all terminals and complementary areas.

How many devices are allowed to connect with free Changi Airport WI-FI?

Mobile, laptops, tabs, and smart gadgets are grants to connect.

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