Boise International Airport facilitates Free High-Speed WI-FI throughout the terminal with three Concourses A, B & C.

When the travelers step into the airport, their device network (if the Wireless & Network is enabled) automatically identifies the Boise Airport network signal.

The WI-FI service is free of passwords or ID. The University of Idaho’s page pops up on the device, then check ‘Accept’ the terms and conditions and now enjoy the Boise Airport Free High-Speed WI-FI.

Boise International Airport is a bust and ranked airport which serves in Boise, Idaho, United States Of America.

It has a one-single terminal with three concourses with A, B & C. Almost 20 million people travel through this airport. For a large number of passengers’ benefit, Boise Airport serves free high-speed WI-FI.

Now, look at the overview of the airport and its WI-FI.

An overview of Boise International Airport and Its WI-FI Service

Airport name Boise International Airport
City/State Boise, Idaho
Country USA
WI-FI Free High-Speed WI-FI available
Airport Phone +1 208-383-3110
Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram
Website Boise International Airport

How to connect to Boise International Airport WIFI

To connect with Free High-Speed Boise Airport WI-FI, go through the following process

  • First, make sure your device network is enabled.
  • Then, automatically the University of Idaho’s page pops up on your device. It’s free of passwords and ID.
  • After that, you have to ‘Accept’ the terms and conditions of Boise Airport WI-FI.
  • Now have fun Internet Surfing!

Boise Airport WI-FI in the other Areas

Boise International Airport not only provides Free WI-FI in terminals but also serves in lobbies, business centers, and concourse food shops.

Food court and near the gate areas. There are charging stations in concourse areas.

Boise Airport Map


Is WI-FI service at Boise International Airport (BOI)?

Of course, at Boise Airport, the WI-FI is available. 

Is the WI-FI free at Boise International Airport (BOI)?

Definitely, at the Boise International Airport (BOI), the WI-FI is free and high-speed.

Is WI-FI available in terminals of Boise International Airport (BOI)?

Of course! The WI-FI service is accessible via the terminal includes Concourse A, B & C.

How many devices are allowed to connect with free high-Speed Boise Airport WI-FI?

Mobile, laptops, tabs, and smart gadgets are grants to connect.

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