AirTran was an American budget airline that has been providing inflight wifi facilities to its passengers for a long time. Being a budget airline, they do not have free wifi.

But if you wish to have an internet facility, you’ve to spend a few dollars. On every single flight, AirTran has the Gogo inflight wifi accessibility.

Their wifi costing starts from $7.95 to $12.95. More information about AirTran Wifi-

Airlines Name: AirTran Airways



Callsign: Citrus

AirTran WiFi

For having the inflight wifi, the passengers can now have an internet facility while flying over one place.

But the wifi facility comes with a price. Gogo, a renowned name in providing inflight wifi, is the provider of AirTran inflight wifi.

Air Tran Airways WiFi Cost

There are a few internet wifi packages for passengers.

  1. $12.95 for flights having three or more hours of flying time.
  2. $9.95 for flights that have less than three hours of flying time.
  3. $7.95 for in any case of flight length for devices like smartphones and tablets.

To have internet access, wait until the flight reaches a height of 10,000 feet. Or you can go through the magazine, or you can also ask the air hostesses.

The inflight wifi is suitable for doing light tasks like texting and chatting. As the speed is not that good, if you want to do heavy tasks, then it wouldn’t be possible.

It’s recommended to finish your heavy tasks before taking a step into the flight.

How to Connect FL WiFi?

To connect to the wifi, you need to follow specific rules. And keep your airplane mode turned on.

You can check the magazine to know about the process of connecting the magazine. You can also ask the air hostesses.


Does All AirTran Airlines Have Wifi?

Yes, all the flights have wifi.

Who Is AirTran Wifi Provider?

Gogo is the inflight wifi provider of FL.

Is AirTran wifi Free?

No. You have a few paid internet packages to choose from!

Is AirTran wifi good enough?

It is only suitable for light tasks, like texting and chatting. You can access the internet through handheld devices. Doing heavy tasks is not recommended at all!

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