Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL), is the flag bearer of Tanzania. Below is all the information that are ought to know before boarding an Air Tanzania aircraft and enjoying their in-flight Wi-Fi service:

  • Name of Airlines: Air Tanzania
  • IATA Code: TC
  • ICAO Code: ATC
  • Callsign: TANZANIA

Air Tanzania WiFi Price

Air Tanzania has a very high-efficient and speedy in-flight Wi-Fi service. Below are the package plans offered by Air Tanzania in-flight Wi-Fi service:


     For further information and queries, please contact

How to connect to Air Tanzania WiFi

  • First of all, enable “Airplane Mode” and switch on the Wi-Fi.
  • Then, connect to the “AirTanzaniaWifi.
  • Afterward, inaugurate any web browser and the login web portal will show up there.
  • After that, use your credit card, debit card, or cash to purchase a subscription of your desired choice.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected to the Air Tanzania in-flight Wi-Fi service.


Does Air Tanzania support in-flight Wi-Fi service?

Yes, they provide high-efficient in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Is it a non-subscription service?

No, all their subscription plans require a certain amount of payment.

When can I use the Wi-Fi?

You can use your personal devices such as; smartphones, tablets, laptops and E-Book Readers to enjoy the in-flight Wi-Fi service, even during takeoff or landing.

Can I use all the devices simultaneously?

You can use all your devices to access the in-flight Wi-Fi service, but not simultaneously.

Do all their aircrafts consist of an in-flight Wi-Fi service?

No, currently not all their aircrafts offer in-flight Wi-Fi service.

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