Air New Zealand is one of the best airlines in New Zealand. It provides relentless international and domestic service to hundreds of people every year.

Air New Zealand Overview

Airlines name Air New Zealand
Founded 26 April 1940
Commenced operations 1 April 1965
Headquarter Auckland, New Zealand
Main Hub Auckland International Airport
Alliance Star Alliance
Main Hub Auckland International Airport
Focus City Los Angeles Sydney
Wifi Provider GX Aviation
Wifi Free (Onflight)
Country New Zealand
Number of Aircrafts 116
Number of Aircrafts with Wifi 23
Address Air New Zealand Limited, 185 Fanshawe Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Phone Number 00 64 9-357 3000 (Customer service)  00 64 800 747 777 (Delivery tracking)  
Website Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand Wifi

Free Wifi is available at all the Wifi-enabled aircraft of Air New Zealand. The Wifi can be used in any device you prefer.

If you have multiple devices, like phones and laptops, you can access the internet using the Wifi in all of those devices.

The SSID is “AirNZ_InflightWiFi”

How to connect NZ In-Flight Wifi?

To avail inflight in Air New Zealand, after take-off

  • Switch to Flight Mode
  • Wait until shortly after take-off
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and join AirNZ_InflightWiFi
  • Go to
  • Follow the instructions to connect
  • Enjoy unlimited free Wifi!
Aircraft with Wifi:

Currently,23 Air New Zealand aircraft are Wifi-enabled. They are-

Name of Aircraft Number
Boeing 777-300 5
Boeing 777-200 6
Boeing 787-9 1
A320neo 11

Air New Zealand social media

NZ Facebook official:

NZ Instagram official

NZ Twitter official

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NZ YouTube Official


Is Air New Zealand Wifi free?

Yes, the inflight Wifi service is free

Is Air New Zealand free Wifi limited?

No, you can use it for as long as you want before descending. There is no limit.

What services can I use?

You can use the Wifi for
-Internet browsing Email
-Social media
-Messaging over apps
-Common VPNs
-Music streaming
-Video streaming (like YouTube at low resolution)

What services aren’t available?

The unavailable services are
-Video calls
-Voice calls over apps
-App downloads and updates
-High-resolution video may be limited
-Cloud services
-Objectionable content
-Real-time multi-player gaming

Do all the aircrafts have Wifi?

No, not yet. But all the aircrafts are to be equipped with Wifi by 2020

How many devices are allowed to connect?

There is no limit, you can connect as many devices as you need.

What’s the name of the network?

The network SSID is  “AirNZ_InflightWiFi”

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