Air France is one of the largest airlines in Europe. Business-class guests can enjoy exceptional services & also Economy class passengers.

Most of the famous airlines have been served in-flight wifi service their entire fleet.

But Air France WiFi is only provided in their Boing fleet aircraft & they announced WiFi would be available to their entire fleet by the end of 2020.

Facts about Air France

Airlines name Air France
founded on 7 October 1933
Country: France
IATA code AF
Fleet size 555
Cargo Fleet 6
Destinations 93 Country
211 City
WIFI provider GoGo Air
Parent company Air France-KLM Group
Air France Biggest Hub Charles de Gaulle Airport

 Air France Support Center:

If you need any kind of help regarding your flight, ticket, wifi connection support & others

Call Center: 1 (800) 237-2747

Ask help through the Air France website

Air France WiFi Cost 

It’s great to hear Air France provides onboard wifi & it’s only for all Boing aircraft…

Plans Devices Flight Type Miles/ Duration Cost
Surf Four types of device Short-Haul Flights Entire Flight $3.37
Four types of device Medium-Haul Flights Entire Flight $5.62
Four types of device Long-haul flights 2700 miles/an hour $8.98
Four types of device Long-haul flights 6000 miles/Entire Flight $20.22
Plans Devices Flight Type Miles/ Duration Cost


High-Speed Internet

Four types of device Long-haul flights 10000 miles/Entire Flights $33.69
Massage Smartphone Or Tablets Free
  •  “Massage” is free of cost package for Air France Travelers, They Can Enjoy only massaging with close one from onboard by What’s App, Facebook Messenger, iMessage & WeChat Massage.
  • “Surf” is available for short, medium, long-haul flights passengers can browse the internet & consult email.
  • “Stream” is available only for long-haul flights.

How To Connect to Air France WiFi?

When you are on board, you will find Air France magazine in the seat pocket. There you will find details of AF WiFi and how to connect it.

If you follow the navigation, you will be able to connect successfully. You will get a WiFi password and an AF WiFi app there.

Also, with that, you can ask for help from the cabin crew member.

Following YouTube videos can help you a lot…

Air France social media page:


Is Air France WiFi Have Refund Option?

Yes, Air France has a Refund policy. You need to follow some instructions.

What type of Air France Planes Have WiFi?

Only all Boing fleets have wifi & it contains both free & purchase options. Air France already declared that at the end of 2020, all of its fleets would be available on high-speed internet connectivity.

Who is Air France WiFi Provider?

GoGo Air is the most popular high-speed inflight internet service provider (ISP).

Does Air France WiFi Support Netflix?

Yes. You can use it onboard on your Smartphone, Tablet, and computer devices

Is there a Devices Charging option?

Yes, Cabin Crew member will explain the details.

What is Air France good?

It is one of Europe’s well-known airlines.

Is Air France safe?

Yes. Air France is safe to fly.

Is Air Franch Inflight WiFi Free?

No, this wifi service is paid.

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