Air Austral is an airline based on Roland Garros Airport in the Indian Ocean. It operates flight to South Africa, France, Thailand, India, and a number of destinations in the Indian ocean. It has eight airplanes. It provides onboard wifi services in most of its aircraft.

Below is all the necessary information that you are required to be aware of before onto an Air Austral aircraft and enjoying their in-flight Wi-Fi service.

  • Name of Airlines: Air Austral
  • IATA Code: UU
  • ICAO Code: REU
  • Callsign: REUNION

Air Austral WiFi Packages & Cost

The in-flight Wi-Fi service of Air Austral Airlines in restricted to only a few aircrafts such as; on their latest 777-300 aircrafts. Below are the three package plans offered by the Air Austral in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Wi-Fi Minute Pass10 MB5
Easy Wi-Fi Pass50 MB19
Full Wi-Fi Pass200 MB39

There are two special offers by Air Austral in-flight Wi-Fi service, that has to be purchased within a limited time-frame.

Saint-Denis-Paris CDGBy 12th October,2020298
Saint-Denis-Nosy BeBy 30th November, 2020303

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How to connect to Air Austral WiFi?

  • First of all, enable “Airplane Mode” and switch on the Wi-Fi.
  • Then, wait for the instruction of Wi-Fi availability from the crew.
  • The moment the “Service Portal” appears on your device’s screen.
  • Afterward, you can purchase the Wi-Fi plan of your desired choice and get a hold onto the Internet.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully connected to the in-flight Wi-Fi service of Air Austral Airlines.


Does the Air Austral support Wi-Fi?

Yes, they support in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Do all their aircrafts support in-flight Wi-Fi service?

No, currently not all their aircrafts support in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Is it a non-subscription service?

No, all the subscriptions require some sort of payment.

When can I connect to the Wi-Fi service?

After reaching an altitude of 10,000 ft, the service can be availed.

Can I connect to all my devices simultaneously?

You can connect to devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, but not simultaneously.

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