Aeroflot Airline Russia has been providing inflight Wifi, and they have taken the 2nd place worldwide for providing wifi facility on long routes. They have inflight Wifi. But it’s not free.

 OnAir inflight wifi and the passengers have to but these services on their own. Till now, Airbus A330, A350, and Boeing 777 have internet access.

The minimum package is $4.9 for texting and messaging, and the maximum one comes at $50 for web surfing and file transferring. Other necessary information related to Aeroflot-

Airlines Name: Aeroflot—Russian Airlines

IATA Code:  SU



Aeroflot InFlight WiFi Providers and Aircraft

In Aeroflot Airlines, there are two types of inflight internet providers for their respective aircraft. You can see the list of providers and on which aircraft they have their service:

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Aircraft Name


Sita OnAir is the inflight wifi provider. Here is a list of internet packages:

Fares for A330 Validity Time MB Included in Plan Price
Small 15 min 10 USD 5
Medium 1 hour 30 USD 15
Large 3 hours 100 USD 40
Infinite Entire Flight 150 USD 50

*When the limit exceeds, 1Mb will cost $1.

Checking Data Usage:

After paying for the internet package, you can check your data usage or remaining data on the monitor.


Steccom is another wifi provider in some aircraft of Aeroflot. Here is a list of their internet packages:

Data Plan Price Validity Details Limit OF download
Messaging USD 4.90 Entire Flight Use messaging apps
1 hour USD 8.90 1 hour Access websites, social media, and transfer files. 50 MB data is allowed for uploading/downloading
3 hours USD 16.90 3 hours Access websites, social media, and transfer files. 120 MB data is allowed for uploading/downloading
Flight USD 24.90 Entire Flight Access websites, social media, and transfer files. 200 MB data is allowed for uploading/downloading

How to Connect Aeroflot WiFi?

  1. Wait until the flight reaches cruising altitude.
    1. Turn on Wifi on your mobile, tablet, or laptop
    1. Select FLYWIFI for A330 and B777 and OnAir network for A350.
    1. Open any internet browser and choose your internet pack.
    1. And for A350, open a browser and go to the website
    1. Select your data plan


Who Is SU Wifi Provider?

STECCOM provides Wifi to A350, whereas SITAONAIR provides to Airbus A330 & Boeing 777 (B777)

Do All classes of SU Have Wifi?

Yes. All the classes have a wifi facility.

Is SU Wifi Free?

No. It’s not free for passengers.

Is SU wifi good enough?

The different packages are suitable for various tasks. Some package is ideal for texting, while others are good for heavy tasking. But the overall internet sped is suitable for light tasks.

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